You can save money on utilities, without doing anything...

 At GreenNet we evaluate, measure, and verify people, places, and things and use that data to identify energy inefficiencies.




We Evaluate, Measure, and Verify People, Places, and Things

What does this breakthrough innovation do for you?

Most people pay more than 40% on their utility bill than they should.

We install fully automated power-saving technology for your whole home or business without any cash out of pocket. The energy savings will pay for it all.

Find Your Leaks

Our energy consultants find the power leaks in each of our customers appliances and in their heating and air conditioning.

Eliminate Inefficiency

Our technology measures efficiency in every single appliance individually. You can see what’s working in a neat mobile dashboard.

Stop Wasting Time

When it’s time to fix your inefficient systems, we will manage your repair men to do the job right. That way, you don’t have to negotiate or call them again and again.

Save The Planet

We will find green energy solutions (beyond just solar) customized for your home or office, so you can go green without lifting a finger.

BONUS!  Did you know California and many other states are mandated by law to pay energy efficiency rebates? Don’t worry, GreenNet will make sure you get your fare share from your utility and equip the contractors doing the work with our computerized diagnostic tools so none of the money goes to waste.


The GreenNet
Global Alliance

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Inventors! 

Would you like to grow your energy efficiency business or program?

We know that educating customers about new green energy options can be difficult.

We partner with local government and utilities to give their energy efficiency programs credibility and massive exposure.

Our state and federally-backed programs have been in thousands of businesses and households, and our sales force of energy advisors are ready to sell your energy saving products and services.

What is the Opportunity for GreenNet Alliance Partners?

90% of homes and businesses have HVAC systems operating at 60% efficiency or worse.

Residential A/C loads cause more than 30% of peak power demand in California.

Our Measurement & Verification IoT Infrastructure can help your business grow.

Are you ready to increase your sales…
and your ecological impact?

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